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between the candidates running for the u.s. senate seat in ohio begins at 12:30 p.m. eastern. then at 7:00 p.m. we'll have a debate between the senate seat in indiana. that's tomorrow on c-span. >> on saturday a few of mitt romney's surrogates spoke at a rally for the republican presidential candidate near las vegas. one of them was new mexico governor who serves as the honorary co-chair of his outreach committee. this begins with some brief remarks who introduces his colleague from utah. from summerlin nevada this is about 10 minutes. >> this is a gentleman -- i've been in the united states senate for 17 months. this is a gentleman who took me under his wings. this is someone i call a real trusted friend. this is someone when the republicans take the majority of the united states senate, this gentleman is going to be the chairman of the finances committee. what a difference. what a difference that will make for america. so let me introduce you. >> thank you so much. helller deserves election here. he's a terrific addition to the senate. so get out and tell everybody to vote for joe hel
said a little bit before, the democrats are worried about pennsylvania. in 2010, we won the u.s. senate seat and the governorship. we won 112 seats in the house. congressmen in pennsylvania. we expect to 12 seats in the house. i feel that tom smith, he said that tom smith spent $20 million. this is a free country. you can spend as many money as you want to. the reason he has been able to move forward is that bob casey has done nothing for six years. he has not introduced one bill passed in the united states senate. he fell asleep and tom smith moved up. to criticize tom smith for being tea party tom, i love it. a lot of people embrace the policies of the tea party. >> tea party, smith is not going to sell to the south part of the state. i have no problem with tom smith spend the money from his personal fortune. that is fine. calling senator casey empty. that is wrong. he has been on the front lines of protecting workers' rights. he has made sure our environment has been kept clean. and safe. he has been a leader. senator casey has been a leader on education. he has been an outstanding l
. when we look at innovations in elections in the u.s., typically happens with the military. with the transmission of electronic ballasts, there's and opportunities for people to look of this and see what the better mousetrap would be. i would not be surprised downed road now that we have offer this to oversee civilians that we might see a greater incidence of this in the future. host: we're talking about voting. some of the what-if scenarios. birmingham, alabama, democrat line. caller: good morning, gentlemen. i wanted to ax michael mcdonald -- ask michael mcdonald a question. a question. i am a proud democrats so i am pro-barack obama. and a lot of his early voting on the democrat side, there are a lot of voters that normally would not vote on election day. is that why he is getting a big push in ohio and other states? they might have made an effort to locate first-time voters and voters that normally would not vote on election day. is this not true? i want to make a comment after you are done. guest: so far, where we have party registration, there are a good number of dem
starts at 7:00 eastern. tomorrow on c-span, we will show you two live the u.s. senate debates, first from cleveland, ohio. sherrod brown debates republican josh mandel. later from indianapolis, the republican state treasurer faces off against congressman joe donnelly. that is also live at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> charlie hurt his political columnist at the washington times. in his column this morning, he writes that this coming week may live up to the characterization that every week is a make it or break it week after labor day. do you think this is a big one for the candidates? >> in washington we get restless about things like debates. in washington and anybody who is not the president has to prove themselves on foreign policy. this will be met ronnie's opportunity to prove that he can do with the powder keg of the middle east. we look at things like gas prices and things that matter a lot. based on what we have seen so far with the first debate, i feel pretty confident that it may be the kind of thing that when we get to it, he did comport himself surprisingly well in that first debate.
income families without giving high earners another tax cut or adding to the u.s. budget deficit. he can do that, he says, by capping the value of tax breaks available to the individual taxpayer. this plan would up and financial planning for millions of middle- class households. up and the financial planning? guest: there would be a dramatic change. whether that is the right way to limit tax preferences can be debated. host: tell us what his cap means. when i go to pay my taxes? guest: it does not pay 70% of taxpayers, who take the standard deduction. that is still mostly lower and middle-income taxpayers. it would affect those who deduct their charitable contributions, mortgage interest, and state and local taxes. i'm not certain how the romney campaign has labeled it. what it is to say is that there would be a cap, $17,000. during the debate here for to a $25,000 as a possible value -- there is uncertainty there. but you can claim this deduction is up to that amount. if you have deductions over that, it would be gone. for opera-income people, if you have a cap, most of the top 20% of t
debate. >> a very good sunday to you. welcome to the first debate in the race for the u.s. senate seat currently held by the retiring senator, joe lieberman. first, the rules. each candidate will have 90 seconds. please welcome our panelists. and now, let's bring our candidates, democrat chris murphy and republican linda mcmahon. a coin toss determined that ms. mcmahon will begin with a one minute opening statement. >> good morning, and thanks to channel 3 and our panelists and welcome to our studio audience. i am often asked why are you running for the united states senate? the answer is simple. i have six grandchildren and future generations will be guarantee america's promise for prosperity. that promise is rapidly slipping away because our economy is on the wrong track. 170,000 people woke up in our state this morning without a job. we can get our economy back on track if we get our people back to work. i have a plan to do that. i have been there. >> thank you, dennis, and thank you to channel 3. you know, i'm a product of connecticut's middle class. my grandfather worked in the fa
served in the u.s. senate from 1981 to two dozen 11. he switched parties in 2009. he was 82. we will show you the former senator talking about his book, "life among the cannibals." he discusses political career and the influence of the tea party in congress. this is a little under an hour. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. there could be no better place to have this discussion than in the constitution center. the three key words in the constitution, we the people. i am delighted to have my colleague, the former member of the house of representatives, mike castle, join me. he and i are members of the 30- year club. it is not too easy to come by. it takes a while to get that kind of seniority. this book was designed to come out in the midst of this election season to try to appoint the american people with why washington is what it is today. that is gridlock and dysfunctional. so if the electorate is properly motivated, now is the time to do something about the area the title with the cannibals is by the liberation, for motivation, and for accuracy. that is what
and congressmen and u.s. senate candidate connie mack. he will continue to ohio tomorrow and spend the day campaigning with paul ryan. on monday, mitt romney moved to iowa and wisconsin. tuesday, he hosts an event in manchester, new hampshire. the events again with joe biden tonight at 8:00. sunday, the third-party candidates debate held earlier this week. gary johnson, jill sein of the green party, former congressman virigl goode and rocky anderson of the justice party. it was moderated by larry king. that is tomorrow at 10:35 a.m. eastern right after newsmakers. as we approach election day, c- span is asking middle and high school students to send a message to the president. in a short video, students and to the question, what is the most important issue the president should consider in 2013? for a chance to rent $5,000.50000 dollars total prices. -- for a chance to win $5,000 and $50,000 total in prices. bobby schilling debates democratic challenger bustos at brandi university. mr. shilling sur's in his first term in congress. bustos served as an alderman. the debate is in partnership w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8